Let Me Introduce Myself…


In an attempt to become an artist worthy of some kind of merit, I am ‘going pro’ by starting this blog/365 project/portfolio site, replacing my highly neglected previous portfolio site.

I spend a lot of time in my line of work lecturing others on how to prepare and present themselves as an artist worthy of noting, to the local and national public, starting off in our slowly burgeoning  Art Tourist Destination called Lancaster, Pennsylvania.   While offering advice to the young folk about the importance and the joys of old school networking via business cards and face to face meetings, concrete representations and fully layered ideas and personal portfolio sites, my own personal exploits have withered away along with the motivation to produce anything further.  So, in an effort to discontinue my hypocrisy, I have decided to re-up on my own personal ‘swoosh’, and get some work out there again because as I have said before, many times: as much as we may think we make Art for ourselves, there is no such thing as private art. Even if it is burned or destroyed, the pure act of conceiving of the idea and bringing it to fruition is an exploit not done without purpose; and the act of destroying the work is futile if not for someone to have noticed, even if only for the faint smell of charcoal in the air.

So, I have some catching up to do but in order to not bombard you all at once, lets take it slow…you will get to know me and my work, slowly but surely…

 | we’ve got nothing but time |

Hi, My Name Is Hawa

© Coe Camera Crew (Taylor Brown, Jason A. Bleecher, and Me)

That’s me

And This is me

And These Are Me Too…

….And you Are…?


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