Update: This is not a Diary…This is an Art Project.

AUSTRA – Beat and the Pulse (kool thing Remix)

This site and project is not a written internal monologue, it is a chance for those of you who care to get a glimpse into what I see and how I manipulate what I see into something meaningful and something with purpose; how the things I see everyday are interpreted by my left brain and communicated to you by my right.  It may mimic my life or be the distorted mirror image, backwards and stretched.  You can take my words literally or you can recognize the metaphor, I don’t care which method you use to comprehend my product, just know that this project has not been an easy task.  It takes more motivation than I often have and forces something to come naturally, that naturally does not: opening up to you, my audience, friends and admirers.  I tend not to say much so I implore you to understand that when I do say something, it is being transmitted thoughtfully and with all of my capacities to do such a thing.

On a lighter note: I would like to ‘diar-ize’ just a little bit right now by showing you 2 things.

First, my latest test endeavour is finally finished (it took me a while).  My first roll of 110 film shot with my Canon 110ED

You can try to find meaning in this one..but dont bother. This is just a test.

(click on image for full-screen)

The test is to experiment, as if in school or our own photo club, with equipment and techniques out of our comfort zone, experimenting in effect to  find new comfort zones.

I’m sure many photo enthusiasts have copped a $0.25 110 camera in their travels.  I found a sweet Canon model in a red velvet lined molded case with a flash too. A real collectors item if anyone really cared that much about 110.  A quick search on Ebay and I found some affordable Fujicolor 200 ASA film to experiment with.  I enjoy 110 film and the camera because it is incredibly compact and relatively durable.

It is a blessing and a curse.

I tend to be reluctant in bringing a camera with me everywhere I go – correction- I will bring one, but I tend not to use it (habit #451 to get over in the duration of this project).  This camera is also very unassuming which is a plus for me as well.  Without the debilitating feeling of being incredibly intrusive ( H#533), I can get a few more macro, personal portraits or landscapes without some phallic appendage poking my subjects in the face…

However, since 110 is a close cousin to spy film, it is miniscule.  Unless it is sent off to a proper facility, scanning this film is a huge pain as witnessed by the Newton’s rings and other such reproduction issues.  I am not impressed.

Inspiringly thought, my creative cohort Taylor says there is a time and a place for everything.  Find the joy in it…She says stick with it;  like a Holga, it does not give you the best quality ever, but there is still that certain quality that cannot be reproduced by any other format.  It can be that fun summer cam, that I can throw in the canoe, take on a hike, bang the shit out of, get wet, twirl around my head and not give a shit about. I think that’s what I’m going to do.

Does anyone know this image? I forgot to capture the title...help

Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats 


It is important to recognize from where one’s inspiration springs.  This past weekend, I ventured to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and for the first time, had enough time to visit the whole thing including the traveling, only in America at the Phila Museum, Vincent Van Gogh exhibit.  It was not my first venture at the museum however, every time I do go, I know that it is necessary to view it through new eyes and with each visit, gain some inspiration with every glance.  So, in continuing with my tests, I ventured out with my trusty Android phone and also a Fuji Instax Mini in Piano Black (my new fav) with an old friend seen also with new eyes and had a thoroughly smashing time.  Here is just a snippet of some pics:


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