The Orgone of Summer


Juveniles – We Are Young (Trésors Remix) 

The Orgone of Summer

There is a certain kind of innocence that occurs with the changes consummated by the vernal equinox.

It is an androgynous, indiscriminate sexuality that happens when the weather is warm and inhibitions are free.

The rebirth of mother nature provides the amniotic fluid that nourishes our cold-scorned bodies.

Like children reared in terms of degrees farenheit, we re-learn to indulge in the delights of all six of our senses.

In a Wilhelm Reich-ian manner, our quest for orgastic pleasure seems fulfilled in every blooming flower or inspiring vista; each cool drop of shimmering water dissolves the repressive shell of body armour acquired over the previous months of harsh and unforgiving weather.

It is in the wafting scent of burning charcoal fires where we find acceptance; intoxicated by nature we find love in every gaze; and in our shared joy, we feel what a mother feels for her child who traverses their first successful steps, what a father feels at the seemingly meager utterance of his childs first words; the seeds’ recognition of father’s position as progenitor, it is a sense of pride in our fellow newly reborn children and our newly discovered albeit transitory realization of self, lasting only as long as we are inclined to tilt towards the sun.

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