The Exploder!!! x Mercy Me | Self Abandon

This will be a simple post considering I’ve been away from you all for a while. It may take a minute for us to get back in the groove so while we are getting re-acquainted, lets just have some fun.

There is nothing that says ‘Summer fun’ better than reckless abandon of ‘self’.

Moullinex & Xinobi – Human Fly (Glimmers Dub Remix)

As soon as I heard this song, it reminded me of the crazy funk dropped by The Exploder!!! Maybe for my next birthday they will sing this song for me

This was one of my favorite shoots of all time!!! with some of my favorite guys!!! Allen, Justin and Mike of The Exploder!!! and Mercy Me Photo doing our thing! (I wish everything I did was this much fun)

(click any image for slide show)

Here is a couple of videos from The Exploder!!!

These guys are probably certifiable but the one thing I can learn from Allen, Justin and Mike, is that when you have a crazy creative  idea, you might as well go with it!!! because the people who are feeling you will show you endless, endless love!


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