La Crueldad del Amor de La Mujer

SolarSolar: Walking Like Children On their album ‘Pilot

The Cruelty of a Woman’s Love

[This is a piece about the weather.  March 26, 2012]

The motivation which is spured by the coming of the Orgone of Summer, that primal energy which springs forth at the rise of the thermostat’s mercury, has yet to be fully realized and we are soon approaching impatience.

During these past warm weeks, this energy has been dangled before us, tempting us with abandon, taunting us to break free of our corroded armors while Mother Nature’s callousness  continues to ridicule her young children’s oedipal quest for self-indulgence.

La Crueldad del Amour de La Mujer©MercyMePhoto

Exhilirated as she demurely reveals her vernal intentions, too soon thereafter we are jolted by her contemptuous tempest; lured by the blue of her sky then whipped by the gust of her winds.

Charity | Disfrute mis regalos©MercyMePhoto

Mother, Sister, Lover, re-acquaint us with your warmth within.  Let us indulge in your once charitable bosom.  Do not continue to deny us our prurient needs.  Educate us and inform our lust for carnal pleasures in order to enlighten and satisfy the lack of substance in our young hardened souls.

Carnal Education©MercyMePhoto

Are we too insistent?… premature in our compulsion? Forgive our precocious yearnings as it is your exuberance after which we lust; our infatuation with your generous bounty is what fuels our perennial cravings.


Do not fret, we will not be spiteful when you finally submit (for we are certain that you will becuase it is in your very nature to do so).  If it is one day, or one week, we know now that we must wait to at last bask in your consummate incandescence. We will devour you only with the utmost finesse, making use of your every gift and paying tribute to your glory each step of the way.  For the next six months, we implore you: gratify your deprived children and we will do our best to exalt in your name.  If only to recieve a taste of this primal Orgonian energy, we contractually offer you our meager bodies to assail as you please ( for that is in your nature as well) in return for the warmth of your loving summer season.

Fuerza y Vigor©MercyMePhoto


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