The Year of The Us

This project, I am finding, is turning out to be much more difficult than I had imagined.

Must stay Relevant
Must stay Inspired

I am not the most socially vocal individual you will ever meet. You will not know what I had for breakfast today, what cute thing my dog did or what the back wall of my bathroom looks like through the reflection in the mirror… unless its relevant.

No, it will not be the socially self-aggrandizing voice that you will hear from me, it will be the socially conscious one:
A voice conscious of herself and her audience.
A voice conscious of the consistency of change.
A voice conscious of her world and her position in it; knowing that it is a position of power and influence that intrinsically comes with having a voice at all.
I vow not to abuse the power vested in me.

I vow to not waste your time or space.

I vow to recognize that mine is not the only voice in the room.

I vow to not fill your brain with useless filler and to only show what needs to be seen to get my point across.

I vow to only ask for your attention for an appropriate and relative amount of time.

I vow to remain cognizant of said relationship stated as such and its implied terms heretofore.

Oh…and I vow to give it up but only on special occasions




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