i cannot control tHE VOLUME OF MY VOICE

There is little we have control over in this life.
This is something my cynical side says often.
My spiritual side says such is the nature of this life so be at peace with the natural cycle of things.
My pragmatic side says nothing happens unless you make it.


Too many people belive in the concrete-ness of things. If things are a certain way, they will remain as that; not only do we humans falsely apply this perception to things in nature, but to societal phenomena, personal status and personality traits as well. I think it is an easy trap to fall into; it is giving up one’s own personal power to the powers that be, maybe to have an easier voyage through or maybe some are just wholly unaware that they are relinquishing their endowed powers.

Figuring out who the power belongs to is a challenge for all, however the one thing I do know I have control over NOW, is my voice; what I say and how I say it. I’ll take that for starters.

Inspired by the I-Ching, I will end with a story of two men. One man steps his feet in the river and expects for it to move for him for he is the master of his domain. It splashes over his ankles as he sinks deeper into the muddy floor below. The other man places a fallen leaf into the water and notes its path downstream. He who knows he cannot master the river itself but master his knowledge of it, can follow the currents to take him to where he needs to be.




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