Ways and Means

Photo: Robert Glasper Experiment by Mike Schreiber | All Rights Reserved

Afro Blue  (feat Erykah Badu) on Robert Glasper Experiment’s new album,Black Radio

Ways and Means: methods and resources for accomplishing something

It is Winter yet the air is warm

I am tired and in need

There are so many options

As long as it is available to me, I will need to use it.


So! I just realized that I can post my favorite tracks to accompany my photos and I am so excited by this prospect.  As long as the Fed doesnt come find me you can be assured that I will take full advantage of the menagerie of options I have to express myself to this world, through my ‘words’ and the words of others while attempting to stay true to the goals of this 365 project. So stay tuned…

BTW…How am I doing so far?


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